The Adventures of LSSU 2010

The Supernatural Strikes Back!

Mysteries of The unexplained…

With Lake Superior State University being located on the former grounds of Fort Brady, it’s no wonder that there are ghost stories floating around the campus. The fort was active from the 1890’s until 1945, so it is understandable that there are stories about ghost soldiers, marrching footsteps, and other noises that could be found in an area that once housed a jail, a morgue, and over 20,000 soldiers.

Brady Hall is the location of some of the most familiar ghost stories on campus. Some of these stories include lights being seen through windows on the third floor, and the sound of drumming being heard in the halls.

The Admissions office is another building that is reportedly haunted. People have reported hearing voices coming from empty rooms, and closed doors flinging themselves open but stopping just before hitting the wall. Recently, Brandon Fast had an encounter involing a door opening. “After going to Lake State for six years, I’d never experienced anything involving ghosts. A few weeks ago, I was working at the desk in Admissions. I had locked the basement door, which has a sliding latch, but as I was working I heard the latch open (it makes a metallic scraping noise) and heard it click into place. The door opened six to eight inches.”

Several of the Tow houses have ghost stories attached to them, ranging from strange noises such as footsteps, faint screams, and scratching sounds to seeing faces in the windows and the attics. The most active house seems to be Erie hall, which was once home to Alpha Theta Omega soroity and Theta Xi fraternity. Cortney Jones was willing to share some of the experiences she and her sisters have had in the house. “Sam is a little boy that bounces a ball and runs up and down the hallway. Room 6 has the most stories attached to it. There’s a really eerie feeling in the closet in that room; the door to the room would close on people even when the doorstop was firmly in place. One girl experienced her lamp falling off the table and onto her boyfriend.” Jones also told a story about a man’s face showing up in pictures taken in one corner of the room. She said that there were no pictures or windows or anything that could account for the image and that it was very clearly a man with a beard standing in the corner of the photo.

There have also been reports of seeing a girl in the window of unoccupied rooms, hearing crying noises, and having the attic door unlock and open, well past maintenance hours. Jeremy Groat shared his stories about the hauntings on the South side of Erie hall. “There is an older woman that walks around both sides wearing a nightgown, a soldier that stands guard in the office bedroom on the South side, and there is a crazy-looking middle aged man who was seen hanging from the rafters in the attic. I doubt the last one has been seen in a while, because the attic is now closed off and full of insulation.” Gorat said that he has seen the old woman in a nightgown as she walked past him in the middle of the night. He added, “I was not a believer in ghosts until that point. I basically told everyone they were full of it. Seeing the ghost made me a believer.”

Seeing as my paranormal group is just getting started, we figured Lake State would be a good place for an investigation as we live close to the town it’s in, and most of us know someone who works or goes to school there. We still have to get the final details on the date and time and what not, but I’m so excited.


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