A Few LSSU Experiences

Some Web Fusion Camp Experiences by the class!

Christine Davis- My best experience was meeting new people.

Marquita Thompson- I learned how to use Photoshop and create my own blog.

Venus Johnson- I learned that privacy if very important on a website and it’s smarter to read the fine print. Also, I learned that surfing the web can be unsafe.

Amanda Cady- I learned that there is more than just Google as a search engine. Also, I learned how to use Wordle, which is awesome!

Devin Brooks- I learned more about Facebook and Twitter. I also learned to be more protected on the internet and how to make movies.

Alexia Simmons- I learned how to use Twitter and Photoshop.

Nicole Stewart- I learned how to make a blog and how to use things I didn’t know on websites I use everyday.

Evan Gist- I learned how to correctly use Twitter! Now I’m addicted! Yay!!!

Collin Dozier- Overall, I’ve learned that there is more websites we can use to socially talk to other people.


One thought on “A Few LSSU Experiences

  1. I also experienced a couple of things while visting LSSU..I really enjoyed myself..I learned plenty of new things such as using photshop, gmail, and etc. If I could do it again I will.

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