NEW — Awesome Video!

What a great camp experience this week. Culminating with a great presentation, we also have an animation movie created by ATA student Devin Brook. What a terrific job! He used Photoshop and exported the animation to Quicktime. You need a Quicktime player to view the animation which you need to download an install for Windows computers.

Click below to view the animation.

Animation Sample
Animation Sample Created in Photoshop

Click here for the QuickTime version, which is very large – 90 MB.

Interesting note, if you try this, you have to have Quicktime to export from Adobe Photoshop CS4. We exported to Quicktime first, as a .mov file, but WordPress free version won’t let you upload movies of any kind without an ‘upgrade’ which costs money. SO, we converted to MPEG4 video, using the same method. Since WordPress doesn’t let us upload videos, the video is housed on the department server and the link will open the file on the department server. See, creativity counts. It does take 8 pairs of eyes and a pair of Nikes!

PS The movie Quicktime version was 90 MB!

Please note, that this is not for sale and may not be used for any other purpose than viewing. You may not duplicate or reproduce this in any format. This video uses the cartoons, which are copyright protected and therefore may not be reproduced. This activity was for educational use only to help learn about how to create and upload animations and graphics on the web. All rights are reserved.


The Interesting Things we Learned

– Threats to Internet Security
– Privacy Policies
– Money Motivates the Internet
– Do not post private things
– Twitter, Facebook, and the proper way to use Social networking sites
– Photoshop, Flickr, WordPress & Blogging, and not posting sensitive information.